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Creating Productive People in Business

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                                                                     What do profitable companies have in common?


                                                                                They recognize their greatest asset - their people


                                         Productive employees are not just born - they are created - through mindful compensation and benefit plan designs,

                                                                            as well as, proactive & effective management of their people and their resources.                                                                                         

                                                                                           Our clients understand and embrace this philosophy.

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Top 5 Tips for Leading your People

to Productivity 2016

     1) Evaluate your people and their jobs. Do you have the right people doing the right jobs? This may not be as cumbersome as it sounds, with the "right" process from leadership

.    2)   Leadership.  Take a tough analysis of you and your management team for leadership skills. It may be wise to invest in an outside firm to guide the process. It isn't a one time outing.

    3)   Take care of your People. That old saying "you get what you give".  Holds true for all businesses.  Give good, receive good. People work more for people they like.  This holds true for businesses. Businesses are made up of people. Review compensation and benefits.  If you are in for the "long haul" so will your people.

    4) Think Long Term - Think Big.  Smaller employers have been enslaved to the insurance carriers for rates and benefit designs.  This a large part of your people's compensation.  The new health care law will not make that process any easier or flexible.  Insurance needs to be a part of you all business plan/strategy. and just from a cost point of view. Otherwise the struggle to find and keep the right people will remain. 

    5) Don't settle for status quo.  Review who is advising you on your overall employee benefits and people leadership. This is big.  It is difficult to look from the "inside/ out".  So it may make sense to join with someone that can look from the "outside/in".




         Focusing on the small, medium marketplace, we understand that in order to compete in today’s global economy, company costs are under constant scrutiny, including the cost of insurance and other administrative tasks. As a result, many companies struggle to balance their employee productivity and benefit offering efforts with their bottom line all while trying to navigate around legal and social issues. Helping you meet these divergent objectives is Emery Benefit Solutions, LLC's specialty. Using our advanced technology, consulting expertise and ability to custom design solutions, we are able to help you create a dynamic human capital that will impact your customer experience and bottom line, positively.

“Corporations (including Small Businesses) go through cycles of buying into big new ideas to move to a higher level—knowledge management, change management, technology management. Today, the big new idea is health management. This idea needs to become like its predecessors: a vital strategic function that businesses must perform while continually assessing and improving 
it. That’s the only way to succeed in a competitive 
marketplace where the performance of human capital is 
a differentiator.” 

Sean Sullivan, J.D. 
President and CEO 
Institute for Health and Productivity Management


      Emery Benefit Solutions, LLC

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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